Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy and Bright Reindeer

This image appears on one of our "best selling" holiday cards this year. Adam drew the reindeer and came up with the line, "May Your Holiday be Happy and Bright." Not only that, he donated dozens of these cards to our church to help raise money for a new playground. Between the two of them, Adam and his brother earned more than $150.

Turkey with Feathers

Adam was so proud of his turkey that we used this image to make Thansgiving cards for family and friends.


Adam decided to make greeting cards this holiday season. Here is his snowman. On the card, it says, "Warm Wishes for a Cool Holiday."

Green Sluggy

After seeing his brother's "Green Slime Monsters," Adam decided to copy the idea, and modify it too. This is Green Sluggy. He made a card using this image to give to his teacher for Halloween.

Sea Monster

Adam got a book that showed him how to draw monsters. He used the instructions to make this sea monster.

Self Portrait

At the beginning of the school year (August 2007), Adam and his classmates were asked to make self portraits using felt and paper. Everyone in his class, except Adam, made a rather closeup view of their faces. But Adam took a more wide-angle approach, including a forest landsacape and our kittens Cinnamon and Shadow. He loves the cats very much.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Summer Sun

Adam created this summer sun using construction paper. It was part of a 2007 calendar that he brought home from school in Dec 2006.


Adam made this guy at school. Despite what might appear to be the case, Adam LOVES to wear stripes!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chinese New Year

Adam made this Chinese calendar at school to celebraate the new year back in February.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Adam made this picture with hearts back in February when we were working on Valentine Cards for family and friends.

Jack the Leprechaun

Adam wrote this story at school during Mid March. One of his best friends at school is named Jack. And the red ball in the story is actually a tomato.

My Alien

Adam wrote this story at school earlier this week. They have computer lab twice per week, and Adam has learned how to use WORD. As you can guess, Adam likes aliens and also math.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I walked into the room the other day, and Adam was drawing this picture of a graveyard. Whe I first looked at the picture, the gravestone had the date of "625" written on it. So, I asked Adam to tell me about the picture.
And this is what he said. "This is a graveyard, a graveyard in the future."
I nodded and said, "That's interesting."
We looked at his page together and he said, "Wait a minute." Then he picked up his pencil and brought it back to the gravestone on the page. He wrote a "0" after the 625, making the number "6250" and then he said, "Well, NOW it is a graveyard in the future."

Friday, November 18, 2005

Fall Color from a Porch

As Adam recently discovered, sometimes a veritical perspective works very well. Some people may think that the railing gets in the way but, by including his friend's porch, Adam's image shows a lot of depth. The distant trees look a little hazy due to moisture in the air.

Adam's Friend

Adam enjoys getting into people's faces, literally. And when he does, Adam CAN hold the camera still if he wants to.

Fall Color During Early November

After the soccer game, Adam hung out with his friends and got this shot of fall color while looking across from one hill to the next. Adam was standing at the top of a driveway and shot these trees that rise above the houses across the street. This is a full-frame shot (as are all the others posted here on this site so far), which means this image appears exactly how he framed it through the view-finder. Of course, there is some bluriness to the image, caused by camera movement as the shutter snapped. He was actually walking across the yard while photographing because he was trying to photograph a neighbor who was walking by with a dog.

A November Sky

Adam did some photography at a friend's soccer game, and he captured some scenic shots in between the excitement on the field. Here is a cloudy November sky. Unfortunately, the small file size and JPEG compression of his camera make it difficult to reproduce a high quality representation of his work. But even with the pinkish speckeled "noise," this shot turned out pretty cool.

A Busy Intersection, Through the Glass

Adam got this abstract shot of cars and people while looking through the glass wall of his karate school. The appearance of rain is just an illusion caused by movement of the camera when the shutter snapped. Though a tripod can be a useful tool, sometimes it can be fun to try a shot without one!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Fall scene near the pond

Adam's Friend enjoys the walk around the pond.

Abstract fall color and side-lit tree trunks

Fall color with blue sky

Photographer walking along the trail

Abstract leaves (due to camera movement)

A duck swimming into the frame

A goose swimming by

The memorial

Flowers beside the memorial

Dying flowers beside memorial